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02/22/1997 17:33

TYPO3 - An idea is born

Kasper Skårhøj was contracted this week by a Danish company to build a content management solution for their corporate website.

TYPO3 Inventor: Kasper Skårhøj

Kasper Skårhøj was contracted today by a Danish company this week to build a content management solution for their corporate website. The term "Content Management" is still widely unknown. The idea of content management is a straight forward solution to an emerging problem for the young internet - as websites are going to grow and the complexity of them increase, the need for separation of design and content has become inevitable.

Over the next months many meetings will define the exact requirements for this new system, enabling the client to manage the content on their website independant from HTML coders.

Stay tuned on what will help with this experiment.

About these pages

The pages in this section of the introduction package demonstrate the various content elements available to editors in the TYPO3 back-end interface, and their appearance in the front-end.

The layout and behavior of these examples are configurable via Typoscript and, of course, CSS.